Monday, December 13, 2010

Small World

Ran into my old buddy Father Ted at a potluck. He' "on sabbatical" but marooned here in Houston for the time beinguntil he can get the Basilians to cover travel expenses. He's the pastor to the Francophone portion of the University flock.
He gestured wildly at me to get me to join him outside (we are the few, the proud, the exiled, the smokers). I noticed that he carried with him a number of orange notebooks. "Rhodia" I said, "love the graph paper option", reaching into my shirt pocket to show the No11 that lives there.
"They're wonderful" Sez Ted, "I stock up on them every time I'm in Paris. How do you get yours?"
"At Texas Art Supply, 8 blocks from where we are standing." I think I may have broken his heart. OTOH, we Catholics are a resilient bunch.