Monday, December 13, 2010

Small World

Ran into my old buddy Father Ted at a potluck. He' "on sabbatical" but marooned here in Houston for the time beinguntil he can get the Basilians to cover travel expenses. He's the pastor to the Francophone portion of the University flock.
He gestured wildly at me to get me to join him outside (we are the few, the proud, the exiled, the smokers). I noticed that he carried with him a number of orange notebooks. "Rhodia" I said, "love the graph paper option", reaching into my shirt pocket to show the No11 that lives there.
"They're wonderful" Sez Ted, "I stock up on them every time I'm in Paris. How do you get yours?"
"At Texas Art Supply, 8 blocks from where we are standing." I think I may have broken his heart. OTOH, we Catholics are a resilient bunch.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Family History

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(This was written by Lucille Annette Lacy Kelly, in the early 1980s.)

John Hogan Family
John Hogan married Catherine Elizabeth Wohlman
Children: Catherine Elizabeth
Dorothy. (Dorothy died while in her teens)

Peter Francis Lacy Family

Peter Lacy married Catherine Hogan, August 5, 1896

Children: Lucille Annette
John Inge
Catherine Alice Marie
Peter Charles Leo (died when two years old).

Since I am the last remaining member of the Peter and Catherine (Dotie) Lacy family, and at the request of my niece Patricia Lacy Collins, I will try to write down the knowledge I have regarding the family history of my Mother's family and also, my Father's family.

First my mother's family:

Her father, John Hogan, was born in St. John's, New Foundland, Canada. Moved to Philadelphia, Pa., where he met and married Catherine (Kate) Wohlman, a Quaker. Daughter Catherine Elizabeth (my mother) was born in that city. The family moved to Mobile, Alabama, when my mother was two years old. With the family also came her father's sister, Catherine (Kate) Hogan. She met and married Capt. Charles Downs. Capt. Downs was Commandant at Fort Morgan after the Civil War. Where and when she married Capt. Downs I do not know, but my mother was reared at Fort Morgan by her aunt, Catherine Downs. Her father, John Hogan, was in the shipbuilding business in Mobile, and Hogan's Yard was located at Choctaw Point. Mr. William Norville, a real estate broker in Mobile for many years, told me he visited the yard many times with his father who was a good friend of my grandfather. My mother's family lived on a 40 acre farm in Toulminville, which at that time was considered as being way out in the country. It is now part of the City of Mobile.

Capt. Downs and her Aunt had no children of their own. My mother could tell lots of stories and memories of her life at Fort .Morgan and she could keep her own and neighborhood children amused with her description of the Fort and her life there, such as swimming, fishing, sailing, and crabbing along the beaches. Upon the death of Capt. Downs my mother and her aunt, who was known to all of us as "Auntie", moved to Mobile and lived in a little house at 6 N. Broad St. This location at that time was not in the City of Mobile. My mother described the place as a little house sitting back from the street with a little covered well in the front yard. I imagine this was about the late 1870' s or 1880. My mother attended St. Vincent's School and often spoke of a Sister Adelaide, who taught art there. Kate Hogan Downs later married Capt. Andrew Olsen. Kate Olsen subsequently acquired the adjoining property at N.E. Dauphin and Broad St., 8 N. Broad and 50 and 52 N. Broad Street. Over a period of years she dismantled the existing buildings and built modern dwellings on the land. We spent much of our young life at Broad and Dauphin Streets. "Auntie" was our “Grandmother". At her death in 1919 the property was willed to the members of the Lacy family, and has since gone commercial.

With further reference to the Hogan family, there were two Mobile families, the Keoughan and Gaynor families, who came from the same place in Canada as the Hogans. As a young child, I spent a good deal of my time with my Great Aunt, "Auntie Olsen" at Dauphin and Broad Streets and remember the Keoughan and Gaynor gentlemen visiting my aunt and talking of events and people at their home town. Descendants of both Keoughan and Gaynor families are still living in Mobile.

Peter Francis Lacy

Regarding my father's family, I know very little. He died when I
was young, but I will jot down what I know. He was born in Bangor, Maine, and later moved to Martha's Vineyard and he also lived on Nantucket Island, probably during his adult life. He was a sea captain sailing from these ports. He married and had two daughters, Sadie and Emma. His wife died. Emma entered a Sisters of .Mercy Convent in Haverhill, Mass. Sadie married and died at childbirth. I corresponded with Sister Dolores (Emma) and we were notified of her death when I was about twelve years old. My father was much older than my mother. His two daughters by his previous marriage were her age. My mother and father were married by Father O'Callaghan at St. Vincent's Church, Mobile, on Aug. 5th, 1896. My father said their family name was originally DeLacy. The De was dropped when the family migrated from France to Ireland.
My father and mother, while on their honeymoon to New York, spent several days with Sister Dolores who was then Mother Superior at the Convent in Haverhill, Mass.
My father's ships made many trips to the Port of Mobile. He left the sea to settle in Mobile and entered the stevedoring business. The first partnership was with Joseph Walsh. Later he was connected with Hunter Benn and Co. He died July 1915. My mother died January 1948.

From a typescript by Hazel May Gough Lacy

Patrick Gough was the second husband of Mary Burns (formerly married to Gibson).
Mary Burns Gough - Born in Ireland (probably County Cork) and later emigrated to New Orleans, La.. Little known of first marriage, but it is believed that second marriage to Patrick Gough took place in New Orleans, La.

John Gough Married and located his family in Baton Rouge, La. around 1900
Elizabeth Gough Married Sam Young, Grimsby Ontario Canada.
Children: Howard, Mabel, Ruth, Allen.
Died in Grimsby Ontario, Canada June 24, 1941
Catherine Gough Married Phillip Weinmann, New Orleans
Children: Lizzie, Alma, Phillip, Eugene
Sarah Gough Married Johnnie Long, New Orleans La.
Died in Childbirth
Children: Walter Long,-deceased
Francis Joseph Gough Married Catherine Ann Hannon, New Orleans,La.

Francis Joseph Gough (Baptismal record reads Arthur Francis Gough, born Born: Nov 2. 1874 September 1 1873).
Died June 27 1947
Husband of:
Catherine Ann Hannon Gough
Born Feb. 11, 1870 Died June 30, 1951
Joseph Edwin Gough Born Dec 29, 1900 Died Jan 1962
Hazel May Gough Born June 7, 1902
Frank Vincent Gough Born June 13, 1904 Died Aug 20, 1960
John Henry Gough Born May 14, 1907 Died Aug 10, 1957
Mary Genevieve Gough Born Feb 5, 1909

Henry McCauley and Catherine Hannan
Married July 10 1838 Christ Church, Cincinnati Ohio
Children: Marry Ann McCaulay

John Hannan and Mary Ann McCaulay
Married Nov 29, 1854, Church of St John the Baptist, New Orleans, La.
Mary Ann Hannan died Feb 21, 1921 Mobile Ala.
John Henry Hannan Born 1856 (Died in early thirties, unmarried)
Hugh Joseph Born 1860 (Died in early thirties, unmarried)
Louisiana Hannan Born 1865, married William Hart
Children: Katie, Willis, Maggie, Sadie, Huey, Sidney Hart
Catherine Ann Hannan Born 1870, Married Francis Joseph Gough

John Inge Lacy: born July 4, 1898 Married May 9 1928 in Mobile Alabama
Hazel May Gough : born June 7, 1902

Children: John Inge Lacy Junior, born Feb 13, 1929
Marilyn Elaine Lacy, born Sept 13, 1931
Patricia Carol Lacy, born feb 24, 1935

John Esquerre Turpen (born july 190?, married Mary Genevieve Gough (born Feb 5 1909) July 19, 1932 in Touminville, Al.
Children: Jeanne Marie Turpen, born Sept 13, 1933
Catherine Ann Turpen, born April 26, 1938

This is a copy (slightly neatened up) of a typescript from the early 1980s)