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From a typescript by Hazel May Gough Lacy

Patrick Gough was the second husband of Mary Burns (formerly married to Gibson).
Mary Burns Gough - Born in Ireland (probably County Cork) and later emigrated to New Orleans, La.. Little known of first marriage, but it is believed that second marriage to Patrick Gough took place in New Orleans, La.

John Gough Married and located his family in Baton Rouge, La. around 1900
Elizabeth Gough Married Sam Young, Grimsby Ontario Canada.
Children: Howard, Mabel, Ruth, Allen.
Died in Grimsby Ontario, Canada June 24, 1941
Catherine Gough Married Phillip Weinmann, New Orleans
Children: Lizzie, Alma, Phillip, Eugene
Sarah Gough Married Johnnie Long, New Orleans La.
Died in Childbirth
Children: Walter Long,-deceased
Francis Joseph Gough Married Catherine Ann Hannon, New Orleans,La.

Francis Joseph Gough (Baptismal record reads Arthur Francis Gough, born Born: Nov 2. 1874 September 1 1873).
Died June 27 1947
Husband of:
Catherine Ann Hannon Gough
Born Feb. 11, 1870 Died June 30, 1951
Joseph Edwin Gough Born Dec 29, 1900 Died Jan 1962
Hazel May Gough Born June 7, 1902
Frank Vincent Gough Born June 13, 1904 Died Aug 20, 1960
John Henry Gough Born May 14, 1907 Died Aug 10, 1957
Mary Genevieve Gough Born Feb 5, 1909

Henry McCauley and Catherine Hannan
Married July 10 1838 Christ Church, Cincinnati Ohio
Children: Marry Ann McCaulay

John Hannan and Mary Ann McCaulay
Married Nov 29, 1854, Church of St John the Baptist, New Orleans, La.
Mary Ann Hannan died Feb 21, 1921 Mobile Ala.
John Henry Hannan Born 1856 (Died in early thirties, unmarried)
Hugh Joseph Born 1860 (Died in early thirties, unmarried)
Louisiana Hannan Born 1865, married William Hart
Children: Katie, Willis, Maggie, Sadie, Huey, Sidney Hart
Catherine Ann Hannan Born 1870, Married Francis Joseph Gough

John Inge Lacy: born July 4, 1898 Married May 9 1928 in Mobile Alabama
Hazel May Gough : born June 7, 1902

Children: John Inge Lacy Junior, born Feb 13, 1929
Marilyn Elaine Lacy, born Sept 13, 1931
Patricia Carol Lacy, born feb 24, 1935

John Esquerre Turpen (born july 190?, married Mary Genevieve Gough (born Feb 5 1909) July 19, 1932 in Touminville, Al.
Children: Jeanne Marie Turpen, born Sept 13, 1933
Catherine Ann Turpen, born April 26, 1938

This is a copy (slightly neatened up) of a typescript from the early 1980s)

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